Gutta story

Gutta is a juicy label created in Latvia back in 1994. Since it first day the Gutta team has been taking care of you being able to choose quality juices and drinks.

Times change, so does also Gutta, but our values stay the same – the best raw materials, favourite tastes and available prices of the products.

With Gutta you will always have a reason for a small party. To celebrate the victory gained by the first snowdrops over the winter; a falling star, the last crane that is leaving for the south, the great-grandmother’s birthday, the first tooth of your child or the monthly anniversary of your wedding. There are at least 365 reasons to celebrate the tiny fetes of your life.

Have a taste for your life!

Gutta catalogue


1 Zvaigznu Street,
Spilve, Babite Parish, Babite Region, Latvia, LV 2101
Phone: +371 67063000
Fax: +371 67063005