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Facts regarding the juices


Preparing juice The juice concentrate is usually delivered from its producing country packed in hermetic bags that are places in barrels or frozen (-25 ºC). For any product to be permitted to be named juice, the concentrate is added exactly as much water as it has been separated from the fruit within the procedure of […]

Berry drink


In spring, let us set free all the berries hibernating in the fridge – may the benefit and energy originate in them! To one glass of water take a glass of various berries, add some lime juice, mix well and drink either all at once or during the day. The natural sugar of the berries […]



Three bothers citruses have joined their strength and wonderful qualities in order to help you to clean your body in spring, to be more vigorous and lighter! How to do that? It is just that simple: squeeze juice of all the fruits, mix it with mineral water and drink during the day.

Mandarin with cucumber and mint


Carrying on with suggestions for the spring drinks we offer to try some that both looks splendid and helps get rid of toxins and other undesirable substances. The ingredients are respectively sliced, cut and chopped and allowed to ‘familiarise’ in a glass of water, then it is to be drunk during the day. Cheers!

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