Orkla Latvija improves Gutta packaging, reducing its impact on the environment


In 2021, Orkla Latvija, in cooperation with Tetra Pak, is implementing a significant sustainability project for the Gutta brand, which intend the transition to a new packaging containing plant-based polymers. The Gutta brand new juices, drinks and nectar carton packages from Tetra Pak are made from more than 84% renewable raw materials, thus reducing the […]

Gutta Svaigā is here!


Orange and apple juices Gutta Svaigā (Gutta Fresh) are the latest products in the range of goods by Gutta. Juices Gutta Svaigā are squeezed of fresh fruit, preserving in the production process 100% of fruit content, removing only the peel and seeds. Gutta Svaigā is listed under the category of NFC (not from concentrate) juices. […]

Everest production unit in Valdlauči will continue its operation within the framework of Orkla Foods Latvija


While planning the future business strategy and development of the company Orkla Foods Latvija, a decision was made not to sell the beverage production unit in Valdlauči. Orkla Foods Latvija will continue the production process of Everest drinking water and Rīgas kvasa dzēriens in Valdlauči. ‘While planning the business strategy of Orkla Foods Latvija and […]

Gutta enters the market with a new category of products – fruit and berry smoothies


By the interest of Latvian residents in smoothies and healthy beverages in general increasing significantly, the brand Gutta has launched on the market five new products in the smoothies category in November of this year. 40 000 euros were invested for introduction of the new products in the market. ‘Development of smoothie market in Latvia is […]

Increasingly more Gutta beverages travel to Great Britain and Ireland


In the first eight months of this year (January – August), the export of Gutta products to Great Britain has increased by 7.5%, and to Ireland – by 4.4%, compared to the same period in the previous year. We are grateful to our compatriots for their loyalty to Gutta brand. It is exactly thanks to newcomers from Latvia that […]

Gutta becomes a sponsor of TTT – Riga basketball team


A contract has been concluded on the support by brand Gutta to TTT – Riga basketball team in the new season. ‘Brands TTT – Riga and Gutta have a lot in common – both the joy of living and healthy life style, and aspiration for a perfect performance. The success of TTT – Riga delights […]

The brand Gutta releases nectars devoted to the characters of animation movie ‘The Shammies’


‘The Shammies’ are Latvia created and beloved animation reels that have been appreciated and acknowledged in the international children movies festivals as well as has been awarded the Lielais Kristaps prize in Latvia. Production of the devoted to the characters of the Latvian animation movie – the Shammies – nectars was started on May. The […]

Gutta supports showing the animation film programme ‘The Shammies and friends’ all around Latvia


This spring in the Kinopunkts (Cinema-points) all around Latvia a new and artistically valuable animation film programme ‘The Shammies and friends’ will be shown that is intended for the children of the pre-school and primary school age. From March 11, for the period of more than three months, ‘The Shammies and friends’ will be touring […]

Reorganisation is complete! We are working as a single company – Orkla Foods Latvija


The reorganisation process has been finalised over the course of which enterprises Gutta and Spilva have been consolidated in a single legal person – Orkla Foods Latvija. From now on development of the brands Gutta, Spilva and their production will be continuing within a single enterprise Orkla Foods Latvija.

Consolidate enterprises Gutta and Spilva


Over the restructuration of the hold by the Orkla group Latvian enterprises the fruit and vegetable processing enterprise Spilva is consolidates with a producer of juices, nectars, drinks and drinking water Gutta. Once the restructuration process has ended, which is planned for January 2016, the consolidated enterprise will have its legal name Orkla Foods Latvija. […]

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