Facts regarding the juices

Preparing juice

The juice concentrate is usually delivered from its producing country packed in hermetic bags that are places in barrels or frozen (-25 ºC). For any product to be permitted to be named juice, the concentrate is added exactly as much water as it has been separated from the fruit within the procedure of preparing the concentrate. Water and concentrate get stirred in preparation tanks and checked whether the prepared juice complies with the needed quality criterions. After that the prepared juice is pasteurised – the juice is heated up to +95 +98ºC temperature and it is kept at this temperature for 30 seconds. 30 seconds is the best period of time during which microorganisms perish but the valuable nutrients preserve. After pasteurisation the juice is cooled right away and directed to filling. The juice does not contact the environment air any more – it is filled in special Tetra Pak packaging material that up to ¾ consists of carton that is made of the natural wood fibre. The Tetra Pak packaging consists of numerous layers: the foil protects from light and air; the polythene layers protect form moisture. In unopened packaging the industrially produced juices are protected of the light and air influence therefore longer stay fresh and healthy.

Juice concentrate and its preparation

Juice concentrates are produced of ripened fruit and they contain the natural sugars, mineral substances, pectin and, of course, vitamins. Juice concentrate is a natural raw substance that is acquired of the juice of fully ripened fruit by vaporising water. Not only has the fruit to be ripened but also flawless. From cleaned, peeled and deseeded or destoned fruit juice is squeezed from which, in the conditions of heightened temperature, a certain amount of water is separated, respectively the amount of juice decreases by 5-6 times. Thereby the juice is concentrated or thickened. For example, tomato paste which everybody must have seen – it is also concentrated tomato juice or tomato juice concentrate.

Production process

Just like juices are preserved at home, also the production process of industrial juices starts with ripened fruit, berries or vegetables. The difference lies in the amount and variety of flavours: the Gutta juices that are available in stores are produced in by far bigger amounts and they are often produced of fruit that are not available in our region for instance, oranges, pineapples, grapes, peaches, mango, pomegranates and alike. Due to this reason the available in stores juices are made of juice concentrate. Producing juices of concentrates is widely applied all around the world because – as it goes – the fruit of which the juice is squeezed grow and ripen in one end of the world, but the end-product – juice is demanded for our consumption in completely different location.

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