Gutta enters the market with a new category of products – fruit and berry smoothies

By the interest of Latvian residents in smoothies and healthy beverages in general increasing significantly, the brand Gutta has launched on the market five new products in the smoothies category in November of this year. 40 000 euros were invested for introduction of the new products in the market.

‘Development of smoothie market in Latvia is proved both by the increasing interest of people in healthy and vitamin-rich beverages, and the increase of offer of various manufacturers in the smoothies category. Yet a few years ago this segment was unknown and developed very slow, whereas now people have appreciated it,’ explains Dana Erciņa-Užāne, the representative of the brand Gutta and the Marketing Director of Orkla Foods Latvija.

‘The majority of smoothies available on the market are produced on the basis of milk or yoghurt. Whereas Gutta smoothies are 100% fruit and berry smoothies without added milk products, water, sugar or other sweeteners. This product doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial colorants and flavours, therefore, it is recommended to drink it at once or use a fridge for longer storage of unopened bottle,’ informs the representative of Gutta brand.

Five Gutta smoothies are available – Raspberry-blueberry, Mango-banana, Banana-strawberry, Pineapple-mango and Banana-blueberry. All smoothies are filled in 280 ml plastic bottles. This type and volume of packaging is chosen thinking about convenient and easy carrying when going to work or having a longer walk. Gutta smoothies are a healthy alternative for traditional snacks between meals – when there is no time and possibility to have a proper meal. Gutta smoothies are already available at Narvesen stores.

Raspberry-blueberry smoothie contains: 50% apple juice; 24% banana puree; 15% raspberry puree; 5% blueberry juice; 5% strawberry juice; 1% lemon juice.

Mango-banana smoothie contains: 20% mango puree; 21% pineapple juice; 14% apple juice; 13% grape juice; 10% guava puree; 9% banana puree; 7% apple puree; 3% pear puree; 3% pineapple puree.

Banana-strawberry smoothie contains: 37% banana puree; 28% apple juice; 20% strawberry puree; 7% cranberry juice; 5% strawberry juice; 3% chokeberry juice.

Two of Gutta smoothies are especially rich of nutrients and vitamins – Pineapple-mango and Banana-blueberry.

Additional B group vitamins are added to Pineapple-mango smoothie. This smoothie contains: 44% pineapple juice; 36.7% apple puree; 19.3% mango puree; B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6). The water-soluble B group vitamins are necessary for human health as they facilitate metabolism, normalize the nervous system and ensure health of skin, hair, eyes, mouth, liver and other organs.

Banana-blueberry smoothie is enriched with calcium (Ca), which is vitally necessary for human bones, teeth and nails. This smoothie contains: 38% banana puree; 18% mango puree; 15% blueberry puree; 15% apple juice; 14% chokeberry juice; calcium. We remind you, that calcium ensures normal muscle and kidney function, facilitates blood circulation, metabolism and normal sleep.

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