Gutta supports showing the animation film programme ‘The Shammies and friends’ all around Latvia

This spring in the Kinopunkts (Cinema-points) all around Latvia a new and artistically valuable animation film programme ‘The Shammies and friends’ will be shown that is intended for the children of the pre-school and primary school age. From March 11, for the period of more than three months, ‘The Shammies and friends’ will be touring 80 locations of Latvia by visiting also cinemas in Talsi, Valmiera, Cesis, Smiltene, Madona, Rezekne, and Ludza. First shows are planned on March 11 in Valmiera, March 13 in Jumprava and Cesis, March 16 in Plavinas and Carnikava, March 18 in Plavmuiza and Talsi.

The programme ‘The Shammies and friends’ include five most recent episodes of ‘The Shammies’ of studio Atom Art production: ‘How Shammies Built a House’, ‘How Shammies Got Well, ‘How Shammies Tidied Up’, ‘How Shammies Played Hide and Seek’ (2015) and ‘How Shammies Were Getting Married’ (2014). The programme includes also two movies of the studio Animacijas Brigade production ‘Acorn boy’ (2011) and ‘Little Rudy’ (2014).

‘The Shammies’ are stories about for textile kids – Sockie, Mitten, Hankie and Pillow that together with the smart Cat live in a beautiful fabric house and explore the world. In the recent movies Shammies learn various things useful for living – what kind of house would be the most appropriate for a pet; where the winter lives; whether it is possible to recover by eating candies; whom it will be interesting to marry – and find out who of them is the best at hiding.

The animation movies ‘The Shammies’ have been shown in more than 70 international children film festival all around the world and have received prizes in prestige animation film festivals in USA and China, as well as the domestic prize Lielais Kristaps for the best animation film designer in 2012. The both movies by studio Animacijas Brigade are based on the motives of Margarita Staraste’s stories and have been included also in the programme of the Berlin film festival.

A programme of the movies of Latvian production is shown in the Kinopunkts (Cinema-points) within the framework of the film distribution project ‘Marathon of the Latvian films’ by the National Cinema Centre. Shows of the animation film programme ‘The Shammies and friends’ take place by support of the juice, nectar and fruit drink brand Gutta.

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