Gutta Svaigā is here!

Orange and apple juices Gutta Svaigā (Gutta Fresh) are the latest products in the range of goods by Gutta. Juices Gutta Svaigā are squeezed of fresh fruit, preserving in the production process 100% of fruit content, removing only the peel and seeds.

Gutta Svaigā is listed under the category of NFC (not from concentrate) juices. This means that the product is not made of a juice concentrate, but instead mechanical processing is used. There is no sugar, honey or any other sweeteners added to the juice; the taste comes from the natural sweetness of fruits. The production process makes sure that the unique fruity flavor and vitamins are preserved. Orange juice Gutta Svaigā is squeezed of ripened oranges, grown under the Spanish sun, but apple juice comes from juicy apples from Italian orchards.

Gutta Svaigā comes in handy 280 ml bottles.

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