How are Gutta juices prepared?

The Gutta juices, nectars and fruit drinks are produced at industrial amounts from juice concentrates that are acquired of the fruits, berries and vegetables grown in various continents. The juice concentrates are produced of ripened fruit and they contain the natural sugars, mineral substances, pectin and vitamins. Juice concentrate is a natural raw substance that is acquired of the juice of fully ripened and flawless fruit by vaporising water. Thereby the juice is concentrated or thickened. Within the process of production the concentrate that has been received from the country of production is added the separated amount of water, performed the quality control and heated or pasteurising in order to ensure the micro biological compliance during the entire period of storage. After pasteurisation the juice is cooled and filled in the Tetra Pak packaging, which allows keeping the juices fresh and healthy for a longer period of time.


More about the juice production process: see here

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