The brand Gutta releases nectars devoted to the characters of animation movie ‘The Shammies’

‘The Shammies’ are Latvia created and beloved animation reels that have been appreciated and acknowledged in the international children movies festivals as well as has been awarded the Lielais Kristaps prize in Latvia. Production of the devoted to the characters of the Latvian animation movie – the Shammies – nectars was started on May. The new line of ‘The Shammies’ drinks include three nectars of various flavours – multi-fruit, red grape and apple – in 200 ml packaging.

‘This year the brand Gutta has started successful collaboration with ‘The Shammies’; by supporting run of the animation film programme ‘The Shammies and friends’ all over Latvia since March. But now, to make watching the movie even more captivating, the technologists of the brand Gutta have prepared special ‘The Shammies’ nectars the packaging of which features the popular characters of the animation movie – the Shammies,’ informs Dana Ercina-Uzane, the representative of the Gutta brand and the marketing director of Orkla Foods Latvija.

From 11:00 a.m. on May 15, at the cinema Splendid Palace, Riga, it will be possible to taste the new Shammies nectars. During the event the visitors will have possibility to celebrate the Family Day together with the favourite characters of animation movie ‘The Shammies’. On the big screen, ‘The Shammies’ will be played but prior to the show there will be a concert ‘The Shammies’ rhymes’ of the band of Jēkabs Nīmanis, the composer of ‘The Shammies’. No later than from 11:00 a.m. and also after the show will the children have a possibility to participate in various creative workshops on the Shammies’ theme. The ‘The Shammies’ Family Day will take place with support of the juice, nectar and fruit drink brand Gutta.

‘The Shammies’ are stories about for textile kids – Sockie, Mitten, Hankie and Pillow that together with the smart Cat live in a beautiful fabric house and explore the world. In the recent movies Shammies learn various things useful for living – what kind of house would be the most appropriate for a pet; where the winter lives; whether it is possible to recover by eating candies; whom it will be interesting to marry – and find out who of them is the best at hiding. Animation movies ‘The Shammies’ are intended for kids of the pre-school and primary school age.

The animation movies ‘The Shammies’ have been shown in more than 70 international children film festival all around the world and have received prizes in prestige animation film festivals in USA and China, as well as the domestic prize Lielais Kristaps for the best animation film designer in 2012. The animation film ‘The Shammies’ was created by studio Atom Art. The stories of ‘The Shammies’ were created by poetess Inese Zandere, director Edmunds Jansons, designer Reinis Petersons, composer Jekabs Nimanis, actor Kaspars Znotins etc.

Gutta is a well-known in the Baltics brand of fruit and vegetable juices, nectars and fruit drinks. The process of the Gutta product manufacturing is provided by modern equipment that fully complies with the contemporary production standards by delivering the highest quality and credibility of the Gutta production. The factory utilises the Tetra Pak equipment that is the world leader in the packaging sector.

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